Rules of Conduct

For the maintenance of the public nature of a hotel, and for your own safety and comfort, you are kindly requested to observe the following rules. Provisions Governing Accommodation Agreements.

  1. Smoking in bed or near any other inflammable material.
  2. Using heating or cooking apparatus, or irons in the hotel.
  3. Bringing in to the hotel:
    • (a) Animals or other pets.
    • (b) Anything with an extremely offensive odor.
    • (c) Goods in extremely large numbers or quantities.
    • (d) Inflammables, combustibles, explosives, oil or other dangerous goods.
    • (e) Unauthorized firearms or swords.
    • (f) Any other goods that can be taken as threat to guests' safety.
  4. Wearing bathrobes and slippers outside the room, other than the public bath space.
  5. Inviting visitors to your room.
  6. Loud talking, boisterous singing and excessive noise which may cause annoyance to other guests.
    Gambling and indulging in activities contrary to public morals, inside the hotel.
  7. The hotel may reject check in if the hotel has a reason to believe that one under age is in need of care or protection.
  8. Advertising or selling goods within the hotel without the authority of the manager.
  9. Ordering any food or drinks from outside the hotel.
  10. Using the facilities or properties of the hotel for any purpose other than the original use without consultation with the manager.
    Moving any facility or property of the hotel from its original position without consultation with the manager.
  11. If the above rules are not upheld in spite of injunction and remonstrance by the hotel management, continued occupancy may be refused.
  12. Please be sure to contact the front desk promptly if you wish to change your planned period of accommodation. If you wish to extend your accommodation on the expiry of occupancy, we would kindly ask for payment of the period desired.
  13. In the event of a long period of stay, this hotel kindly requests settlement of your account for every coming week. If your account exceeds the paid-in deposits, this hotel may ask for additional payment at anytime.
  14. Please be sure to entrust any valuables to the front desk of this hotel for safe keeping. However, any art objects or antiques cannot be accepted.
  15. Any luggage or personal belongings deposited with the cloak or laundry quarter of the hotel in accordance with the accordance with the applicable regulations of the hotel, shall be held under the custom of the management of the hotel for a period of three months after the deposit thereof, unless otherwise specified in writing.
  16. Should the building, equipment or other properties of the hotel be damaged, lost or polluted due to your inattentions, this hotel may claim fair compensation.
  17. Also refer to rules concerning public baths, parking and other relating rules.