457 Hotels, 65,896 Rooms(As of June 18th, 2019)



1. Receipt
You can get a receipt at the front desk at check-in. Please contact us by telephone or email about a receipt for your stays. You can print out an online receipt only when you prepay online.
2. Making payments
Room rates are to be paid in advance by credit card. If you don’t use a credit cared, please pay when checking in.

Front Desk

1. Check- in, check- out, late check- out, early check- in
Check- in: 15:00 / Check- out: 11:00
A fee of 1,000 yen per hour is charged for early check- in and late check- out, We may not be able to guarantee your request as it depends on whether the room has been reserved.
2. Children and extra charges
There are no room charges for children seven years and younger. However, fees apply if they require additional amenities
3. Internet access
There is free internet access in rooms featuring LAN & Wi-Fi connections. Your password will be shown on the TV in your room.
4. Luggage
We can hold your luggage before or after check in. Please take valuables and breakables with you.
5. Parking
Parking is on a first- come, first- served basis. If all spots are occupied, please use a paid parking lot. Outside parking lot charges may be differ from APA parking.
6. Amenities
Each room is equipped with toothbrushes, tooth paste, razors, combs, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, nightgowns, toilet seats with warm shower/bidet functions, refrigerators, VOD (Video on Demand), Feather comforters, large-screen TVs, and electric kettles.
7. Staying with pets
Pets are not allowed in the hotels with the exception of guide dogs.
8. Is it ok to ship from the hotel?
We have shipping services at the front desk. For international shipments, we will provide assistance in finding a postal service or logistics company. Please contact the front desk.
9. Is it ok to ship to the hotel?
Yes. However, we don’t accept shipments that are paid on delivery or from refrigerated courier services. Please mention your name and the date of your stay on the packaging slip.
10. Can you watch English TV programs in the rooms?
You can watch BBC World News.


1. If you haven’t received a confirmation email
You may not be able to receive confirmation emails depending on your domain’s mail routing settings. If this happens, please contact the hotel directly.
2. Changes with check-in time
Please contact the hotel if you will beare late more than 2 hours late or your check in is after midnight. There is a possibility that your reservation may be canceled if we don’t receive any contact.
3. Where are the best rates for the hotels listed?
There is a "WEB Discount" on our website which offers the lowest rates, even compared to other sites.

APA Card

1. Are there any point cards?
We offer the APA Card. You can sign up for it at the front desk. There are no registration fees or annual membership fees.
Room rates are to be paid in advance by credit card. If you don’t use a credit cared, please pay when checking in.
  • You can save time by showing your APA Card at your check- in.(*1)
  • You will earn 10 points for every 100 yen of your total room charges from the time of reservation as well as 10 points per 100 yen spent at participating restaurants.
(*)For APA official website reservations, excluding tax and services.
2. Do the APA points expire?
APA points are valid for 3 years. Points are valid until the last day of the same month where you earned the points.