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APA Eco Make and “APA Eco Action”

COLUMN 2018 / 07 / 20
"APA Eco Make" and “APA Eco Action” are an eco friendly house keeping service to save water & CO2. We greatly appreciate your support for environmental protecting the guests who choose "APA Eco Make" and “APA Eco Action”.

*For more information regarding "APA Eco Make" and “APA Eco Action”, please see the blue print placed above the bed.




●We collect garbage ONLY from trash cans to avoid collecting personal items of guests accidentaly.
●We do not clean glass or cup if some drink or liquid is remaining.
●When the guest's belongings are spread all over the room, we might not be able to do the cleaning.
●Please keep your valuables with you or ask the front desk to keep them in a safe.
●A bottle of mineral water will be supplied according to the number of beds. However, single use of twin or larger type rooms will be one bottle of water. 


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